Roadmap of Improvements (Current - May 2017)



Minor Improvements

Site Reports - Coupon Codes - Released 1st February

You can now pull over a report to detail which users subscribed or purchased with a coupon code. 

PDF Reader - Released February 1st

You can now embed PDFs allowing them to be viewed, scrolled, downloaded and printed.

Store - My Orders - Released 1st February

Members can check on their order history via the 'My Account Section' 

Double Email Form Field - Released 6th February 

The subscribe form will require users enter their email address twice to avoid any typos. This update will reduce the amount of complaints site admins receive from users unable to log in. 

Video Cover Image - Released February

Using the Poster field in the editor's Media Player, you can now add a cover image to your videos.



Major Improvements

Google SSL Certification - Currently Ongoing 

All sites are now required to use an SSL certificate across all pages, not just the payment or contact form we have been using up until now. This update has been pushed forward by Google to improve site security. 

Update Card Information via 'My Account' Section  - Late February

Users will be able to update their card payment information directly into your SubHub site. 


Minor Improvements 

Mass Import Members 

Upload a .csv / .xls file of members to mass update your database via the Member Manager section. 

Re-Order Subscription Plans

Manage the list of subscription plans which appear on your subscribe page.

Major Improvement

Upgrade / Downgrade Options for Members

Members who pay using Stripe will be able to better manage their subscriptions via the 'My Account' section. The ability to upgrade/downgrade will be available in addition to the cancellation option. Only available when used with Stripe - PayPal does not support this feature. 

Multiple Subscriptions

You can offer the option for members to subscribe to an additional membership plan, so they can access extra content. Great if you would like to offer short courses or allow users to pick and choose different levels/group access. Only available when used with Stripe - PayPal does not support this feature. 



This will be a huge month for SubHub as we plan to release a new version of the platform. The last major platform update was back in July 2014 so we have lots to look forward to.

Initially the platform updates will centre around design flexibility, making it easier for our users to manage their own template changes.  Hopefully this will please many of our current users, in addition to many more new users. 

The beta release is due mid/late April

New features

- Font and colour picker, enabling users to select their own rather than use the standard templates

- Custom sliders or a banner, create and modify to appear on the homepages

- Updated editor


Proposed Improvements July - October 2017

- Drip Content, ideal for anyone wanting to offer course based content via SubHub 

- Additional Admin Roles, create a user account for restricted access of the site, publish content, manage members or your store. 



We would love to hear what else you would like us to focus on. The improvements listed above have been put forward by our users, so the more we hear the same requests being sent over, the more likely we are to plan for these improvements. 

Contact Louise via with your ideas and feedback and help us shape SubHub's future. 

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    Kristi Dailey

    I am beyond excited about the new changes for SubHub!!! After looking into site options for the last year it has been difficult to find the one platform that does it all. I feel like SubHub is well on it's way there and I am counting down the days to test out the new amazing SubHub. Would love to be a Beta Tester if you are in need. :)

  • 0

    Thanks Kristi! We appreciate your support and are also super excited about these updates - look forward to sharing the beta version with you very soon. 

    (Apologies for the late reply, we didn't get a notification!) 


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