SubHub News - February 2017

SubHub Roadmap

We announced a number of proposed updates to SubHub late last year, and we are pleased to share our plans with you. Thanks to everyone who contacted us with feedback and suggestions which have helped us with our improvement schedule.

Now - April 2017

  • Flexible design templates
  • Additional store features
  • More options for members
  • Misc small updates

A new beta version of SubHub will be released in mid April.

Follow our Roadmap for 2017 here 

Whilst the developers are busy upgrading SubHub over the new few months we would love to hear what features you would like us to work on next. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas - it’s your SubHub too!

If you have have already sent us your feedback and suggestions, thanks! The forms are still online for you to submit your comments and help us make SubHub even more super. 


SubHub Store Feedback 

Member Manager Feedback

General SubHub Feedback


Google SSL Update

Further to a recent update requirement from Google, we have been busy manually updating your sites with a new SSL certificate. The update will make help keep your SEO score healthy and also prevent any security issues. 

Stripe users will need to update their web hook within their Stripe dashboard - check our guide if you are not sure how to fix this. 

Your visitor tracking may go a little squiffy during this transition but you won't be alone, all credible sites will need to make this update so the sooner we complete this the better. 

Contact SubHub Support for further assistance with this. 


Site Review Invitation 

Annual clients are invited for a site review around the time of their renewal. However we would also love to hear from our monthly paying clients so we can offer feedback and also discuss any platform updates which you may have missed. Our team want to help you make the best of your SubHub site, so if you need help or have any ideas to discuss, we are here! Book a call using the link below, anytime.  

Book a site review 


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