YouTube Know-How

For me, YouTube has always been synonymous with kittens, lip dub and that biting bad-boy Charlie. But millions turn to YouTube as a one-stop learning resource.

Whatever your interest might be, from the pedestrian to the niche, there is sure to be a tutorial to match it. Gamers, guitarists, cooks and crafters all flock to the virtual classrooms on YouTube to learn new skills or sharpen their existing ones.

The convenience factor can’t be denied for those who struggle to commit to a scheduled lesson or just prefer to learn in the comfort of their pajamas. The ability to re-watch a tutorial as often as necessary is another added benefit of online learning. And nothing beats having a visual presentation.

On the flip side, for many website owners, YouTube provides a free venue to generate new interest, engage with viewers and advertise their expertise. The relationships you build on YouTube have the potential to be converted into paying website members. Presenting a taste of what you have to offer can entice a viewer to become a subscriber. Trust and authenticity are cornerstones of successful websites and you can demonstrate those qualities in the videos you post.

YouTube can be a powerful complement to your website. It is another way to connect with a wider audience and drive traffic to your site.

So whether you’re looking for know-how or want to impart it, YouTube can be a solution.


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