New mobile responsive platform

Mobile Ready

It's been a long time coming, but we are delighted to announce that SubHub will be launching a new platform which will be mobile responsive!

This will enable your members and visitors to view your content with ease, and the platform will improve when viewing on any mobile device.

The improvement will also benefit your media files, which currently are not available on Apple devices. A new media player will be available, so your content can be enjoyed anywhere.  

We are planning to launch this new platform to new users in April, and then start to move over all existing clients manually.  

If you have a custom design, then the migration will need to be scheduled in, and will be worked on site by site. A small charge will be applied to cover the developers time, as you imagine, each design is unique and will need to be worked on site by site. Please contact us when you are ready to proceed, so we can add you to the schedule. 

For more information about this, please contact the support team - - or leave your comments below.

Many thanks,


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    Russell Purvis

    all sounds good, please let me know the costs involved and schedule us in please

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    Hi Russell, will do. Your site has been added to the list. And we will contact you in the coming weeks with more information.



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