Steps to Improve Your Listing in Google

So you have launched your website, now its time to improve those search engine rankings. The clever people at SubHub have written the following tips and tricks to help you get started.

Signing up for Google Webmaster Tools.

One of the best web tools around is called Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google and is your one-stop shop for webmaster resources that will help you with your crawling and indexing questions, introduce you to offerings that can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and connect you with your visitors.

Get your site verified by Google

Once you have signed up for Google Webmaster Tools it is vital that you get your website verified by Google in order to start tracking your website.

Please follow the instructions below to get your website verified.

  • To verify your site to Google, you need to login to your Google Webmaster Tools account.
  • Once you have added your site to your account, click on 'Verify'
  • Choose verification method 'Upload an HTML file'
  • Copy the code, which should look something like this: 'google12aa3456789a12aa.html'
  • Open a new document and 'Save As' and use the Google code as the document title (remember to save the file as .html)
  • Login to your SubHub site as an administrator and go to 'Settings'
  • Within the 'Metadata' section you should see a field titled 'Upload new Google verification file'
  • Click on 'Browse' and find the document you saved
  • Click 'open' and then click 'Save' in 'Settings'
  • To check the file has been uploaded, go back to your Google Webmaster account and click the 'Verify' button

Google Sitemap

If you haven't already created a sitemap then uploading one to your website is a great tool for letting Google know all the links and pages of your website.

  • You can use this site to create a sitemap. NB: Only use the free version.
  • Follow the instructions on this site to generate a site map.

Frequency: Monthly
Last Modification: Use server's response
Priority: None
Then click the 'Start' button.

Once the report comes back select 'Download un-compressed XML Sitemap'

  • Once you have done this, save it to your computer then upload in in your site 'Settings' > 'Metadata'
  • Use the 'Upload new sitemap.xml file' field
  • You can also add this to your Google Webmasters Tools

NOTE: You should rebuild and upload your sitemap to your website after any updates you make so that the search engines can index your new content quickly.

Ensure you add regular new content

A website that gradually adds valuable content acquires trust with the search engines and with this adds better search engine ranking. So the more times you add 'valuable' and 'relevant' content to your website the more times the search engines will visit, increasing the likely hood of you getting better search engine ranking.

Try to get other sites to link to yours

The Internet is made up of billions, trillions or even quadrillions of links, so get involved as soon as you can. Search engines value inbound links very highly, especially inbound links from relevant and popular websites.

If the search engine sees a well indexed (popular) website linking to yours then it will see your website as important and will help to increase your overall ranking.

You can also see what your Google Page Rank is by visiting the Page Rank Checker website.

Signing up for Google Adwords

If you want to increase your website appearance on search engines you can also use PPC advertisement.

With Google AdWords, you can create and run ads for your business, quickly and simply. Run your ads on Google and our advertising network -- no matter what your budget, you'll only pay when people click your ads.

You can find out more information about Google Adwords by visiting the Google Adwords website.


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