Setting Up PayPal

With PayPal, your members can make payments using a credit card for non-recurring subscription plans only.

If a recurring plan is selected, your member will have to pay through their PayPal account. They will be prompted to open a PayPal account, if they don't already have one. 

Begin by signing up to a PayPal Payments Standard account.

Enter your PayPal email address, in the email address field in Payment Processor within Settings of your SubHub Control Panel.

Next follow the steps below to complete your PayPal set up.

NOTE: Please ensure you replace yoursite with the name of your SubHub development site.

Step 1: Setting Up IPN Notifications

1. Login to PayPal and click Profile and then Profile and Settings.

2. Under My Profile, select My Selling PreferencesInstant Payment Notification, click Update.

3. Click Choose IPN Settings.

4. Next Edit Instant Payment Notification settings: Add the Notification URL. This will be

5. Tick Receive IPN messages (Enabled).

6. Save and then click Back to My Profile link.

Step 2: Setting Up API Access

1. Select My selling preferences in the left hand block.

2. Next to API Access, click Update. Select Request API Credentials. Click Agree and Submit.

3. Click Update next to API Access. Then click View API Signature.

4. Reveal the API Username, Password and Signature by clicking Show.

5. Paste the fields into the Payment Processor via Settings of your SubHub Control Panel. 

6. Click Save. You are now set up for auto cancellations.

Step 3: Adding the PDT Token

1. Click the Profile icon and select Profile and Settings from the window.

2. Select My selling preferences.

3. Beneath the heading, Selling Online, scroll down to Website Preferences and click Update.

4. Set Auto Return for Website Payments to On.

5. In the Return URL field, enter your site URL/complete. For example:

6. Set Payment Data Transfer to On.

7. Click Save.

8. A PDT identity token will be generated and found under the heading Payment Data Transfer. Copy the identity token. 

9. In Control panel of your SubHub site, go to Settings, Payment Processor, Advance Setting. Paste the token into the PDT Token field and Save.

SubHub and PayPal Interaction

Recurring payments are controlled by PayPal. If a payment fails, you will be notified. You should contact the member to let them know that their payment failed. 

How recurring subscriptions are cancelled

Members can cancel their recurring subscription in two ways.

1. They can login to their PayPal account and cancel their subscription. When this happens, your SubHub site will be notified by PayPal and their member subscription will cease at the end of the current billing period. 

2. A member can cancel their subscription through the My Account member link. Their membership will then be cancelled, as will their recurring PayPal payment. An email notification of this cancellation, will be sent to you.

FINAL STEP: Always make a test payment before launching your site!


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