Part Twenty One - Member Profiles

21.0 Member Profiles

21.1 Activate Profiles

The member profiles feature enables your members to create their own page on your site, on which they can add an image of themselves, personal information and other details.

To activate this feature you will need to create a profile block that will display the profiles in your site navigation.

21.2 Create a profile block

Go to the navigation section in your control panel

Decide whether you want to display your profile block in the left or right column

Select 'Profile Block' from the drop down list

Set who can view the profile block and give it a title:

Click ‘Save’ and the profile block will be added to either your left or right hand column.

NOTE: If you have added it to the right hand column you will need to return to the homepage to view it.

You will notice that there is already a profile set up.

There are three options in the menu block; View full profile, view all profiles or edit your own profile.

21.3 Edit your profile

To edit your own profile you will need to click on the 'Edit your Profile' link.

Your name is shown as an 'administrator', therefore you will need to add a 'Display Name'. This will be used within your profile.

The next few fields are used to show more personal information, you can choose whether or not to have these displayed on your profile.

NOTE: If you choose to display your city and country, these can only be viewed by logged in members.

The email address that is displayed is the email address you use to login.

NOTE: If you choose to display your email address, it can only be viewed by logged in members.

You can also display your phone number and website, the website address will act as a link.

NOTE: If you choose to display your phone number and website, they can only be viewed by logged in members.

Every member who joins your site has a profile waiting for them to edit, by default the profile will not display, you need to choose to display it yourself.

Once you have set the profile to display it will appear in the list of profiles and in the rotating profile block.

There are three custom fields where your members can add information about themselves. The titles of these fields are managed by you in 'Site Settings' > 'Display Options'.

Once you have saved your profile it will appear in the profile block.

NOTE: The profile block will rotate the member profiles


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