Part Eighteen - Site Reports


18.0 Site Reports

18.1 Overview

Throughout the control panel there are different areas of reporting. To make things easier for you we have also grouped all of the site reports into one section. To access this you need to click on 'Site reports' in the control panel.

On this page you will see there is an empty field for you to enter your email address.

Once you have done this and clicked save you will receive an email every day with information on the number of subscribers, subscriber activity and revenue generated.

Also within this section you can access:

  • Subscriber login reports - View the email address and date each time a member logs into your site.
  • Member Download Report - View the email address and date each time a member downloads a file from your site.
  • Affiliate Tracking - View the number of click throughs and conversions for each affiliate member.
  • Pay-per-article - View all the pay-per-article transactions made through your online store
  • Store Downloads - View all download products purchased through your online store
  • Purchase History (Store) - View all orders made through your online store
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