Part Six - Categories

6.0 Categories

Categories are typically used as part of the navigation in the left hand column, they are also used to group articles. All categories shown in the navigation must be assigned to a menu block.

You can watch a video tutorial about Adding Categories here.

6.1 Overview

When you access your site for the first time, there will be several default categories, these are:

  • About Us
  • Media

When building your site, you can edit these existing categories or delete them.

6.2 Creating a Category

To create a new category, go to the 'categories' section, either through the control panel or by clicking on 'categories' in the left hand navigation column.

Click on Add New Category and you will get taken to the editing category page.

Set who you want the category to be viewable by.

6.2.1 Category Title

Give your category a title. The text entered here, will be what appears in the menu block the category is assigned to.

6.2.2 Assign Category to Appear in a Menu Block

Select which menu block this category will appear in.

All of your existing menu blocks will be displayed, you can choose to add this category to an existing menu block or in the top navigation bar or in the bottom navigation bar.

NOTE: To remove a category from a menu block, hold down control on your keyboard and click on the highlighted menu block. You should see it is then deselected.

6.2.3 Category Body

Enter the actual content of the category into the body field.

If you assign any articles to the category, they will be displayed as a list on the category page.

6.2.4 Hide Breadcrumbs

The option is available to hide breadcrumbs on certain categories, they can be found at the top of the page and will look something like this:

Breadcrumbs assist your visitors in understanding where they are on your site and are a great usability tool.

In most instances, leave this box unchecked.

6.2.5 Hide Subcategories

You also have the  option to hide subcategories on the main category. This is related to the design of the page and again would be left unchecked.

6.2.6 Publish the Category

Click Save, you will get taken to the top of the page and notified that your changes have been saved but are unpublished.

From here, you have three options, you can:

  • Preview - which allows you to test any links and placement of images
  • Publish Now - the category will be live on your site.
  • Undo - this gives you the opportunity to delete all of your changes.

NOTE: If you are previewing, the page will still not be live.

Click 'Publish Now' and the category will be published.

You will get taken to the category listing page and the new category will appear at the top of the list.

You should also be able to see the category showing in the assigned menu block.

6.3 Editing a Category

There are two ways to edit a category:

1. Visit the category itself and click on the edit button in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on 'Categories' in the left hand navigation menu and click on the edit button next to the relevant article.

When you are editing your category you can change:

  • Who can view the category
  • The title of the category
  • The actual body content of the category

Make your changes, click 'Save', 'Publish Now' and you will see the changes have been made.

6.4 Moving a Category

It is possible to move categories from one menu block to another, without having to delete them.

Decide which Category you want to move.

Click 'Edit' next to the category.

In the 'Appear in Menu Block' list you need to remove the category from the current menu block.

6.4.1 Remove Category from Menu Block

Hold down 'Ctrl' ('Command' for Mac users) on your keyboard

Using your mouse click on the highlighted option

The selection will now be removed

6.4.2 Re-assign Category to Different Menu Block

To add the category to a different menu block select on the block, in the list, you wish to reassign your category to. 'Save' the category, 'Publish now' and you will see the category has moved into the new menu block.

6.5 Reordering Categories

To reorder the categories that are displayed in each menu block you need to:

Go to the Navigation section of your site in the control panel.

In the list of navigation blocks click the 'Edit' button next to the relevant menu block

You will see a list of all categories assigned to the menu block

To move the categories, simply click on the up or down facing arrow next to each category.

The reordering will happen immediately in the menu block.

Click save and the changes will be live.

6.6 Delete a Category

NOTE: If you wish to delete a category, it is important to remember it cannot be retrieved. If you think you may want to use it again at a later date, I would recommend editing the category and changing it to be viewable only by an administrator.

To delete a category, go to 'Categories'

Find the category you wish to delete in the category listings.

Check the box next to the relevant category title and click Delete Selected.

You will be asked to confirm you want to delete the category, if you are sure then click Okay.

The category will then be deleted and removed from the menu block it was assigned to.

6.7 PDF Download

To download a PDF copy of this article please click the following link: Part Six - Categories PDF.

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