Part Twenty Three - Pay Per Article

23.0 Pay per view

23.1 Overview

The pay per view module allows you to charge your visitors so they can view a single article.

The benefit is that some visitors may not want to subscribe to your site but are happy to pay to view a single article.

The pay per view feature is part of the online store and each article will have to be individually created as a product within the store.

NOTE: There are two parts for creating a pay per view article; Setting the article itself as pay per view and also creating this as a product in the store.

23.2 Creating a pay per view article

The first thing we need to do is to go to the article section, either going through the control panel or by clicking on articles in the top gray navigation bar.

Either create a new article you wish to sell or click to edit an existing article.

Scroll down to the 'Allow Access' section:

NOTE: The article MUST be set to be viewable by 'Members Only'

Check the 'Allow Pay-per-view' box and click to 'save' the article.

You will need to 'Publish Now'.

The article will now be enabled to add to your online store.

23.3 Add an article to the online store

To add a pay per view article to your store you need to click on 'Pay Per View' in the control panel.

Enter the title that you want to be displayed in the store, this is likely to be similar to the title of the article.

If you created categories in your store configuration you can assign your article to the relevant category.

Set who the product to be viewable to 'Everyone' so that non members can purchase the article.

Select 'Article' as the product type:

You should see three new fields appear:


A list of all the articles you have set to be available as 'Pay-per-view' will be displayed in the 'Article' drop down list.

Select the article you wish to be added to the store.

Access Time Limit

You can restrict the length of time a customer has access to the article.

It is defaulted to zero, which means there are no limits and the customer can return to read the article at any time.

Access Number Limit

You can restrict the number of times the article can be viewed.

The number of times the article can be viewed is defaulted to zero, this means the customer can view the article as many times as they wish.

Like a physical or download product you also need to give the article a teaser and description, with the option to add an image:

Enter a teaser for your pay per view article. As with articles the title and teaser of the product will be displayed on the store front.

Once a visitor clicks on the title they will get taken through to view a full product description, which you need to enter.

If you want to show an image within the full description and on the storefront use the 'Browse' button to search your computer for a previously saved image.

NOTE: The image must be saved as a .jpg or a .gif file.

Enter the price of the product here:

This will be shown as your default currency.

NOTE: You do not need to add the currency symbol.

If you set tax to be added in your store configuration this will automatically be added onto the product. You can make individual products tax exempt if you wish.

You can set a discount on a per article basis for logged in members. These means once a member logs in they will be able to purchase the product at a lower price.

Click 'add product' and you can see the product has been created. To see how this appears on the store front click the 'back to products' link.

New products get added to the bottom of the product list.

A link will also be added to any members only messages on articles so if a non member tries to view a members only article they can click on the link and have the option to purchase the single article.

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