Part Nineteen - Web Stats

19.0 Web Stats

19.1 Overview

The web stats will not be accessible until your site has gone live.

Once you have contacted the SubHub support team to set your site live your web stats will be enabled.

This is what the web stats page will look like:

The information provided in your web stats is mostly related to:

  • Number of visitors coming to your site
  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • How long they spend on your site
  • What they pages they look at on your site

There may be some terms that you don't recognize, the most important ones to understand are:

  • Unique visitors - these are all visitors to your site, they are called unique visitors as they are only counted once in the summary timeframe.
  • Number of visits - the number if total visits to your site (brackets are average)
  • Pages - this is the number of pages that have been viewed in total.
  • Hits – how often the server is hit to display graphics
  • Bandwidth – how much data is being transfered from the client site to the visitor site.

NOTE: For a full demo of the stats package you can visit:


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    Peter HJ van Eijk

    What would be the link to this page?


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    Hi Peter, 

    In order to access your SubHub webstats, please add the following to the end of your URL. 


    Many thanks,


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