Part Ten - Downloads


10.1 Adding a download

You can use any file type as a download on your site.

Before you can add a download to your site you must ensure you have saved it to your own computer. Once you have done this you need to do the following:

  • Go to the control panel
  • Click on 'Downloads'
  • Click on 'add new download'
  • Set who can view the file to 'everyone' or 'members only'
  • Give the file a relevant title
  • Click the 'Browse' button
  • Find the video file in the pop up window and double click
  • Click 'Save'

The file will now have been saved in the download folder.

*You can watch a video tutorial on Managing Downloads here.*

NOTE: Large files or a slow Internet connection will result in slow upload or a timeout.

If this occurs please try reducing the file size.

10.2 Linking to a download

To enable your visitors and members to access a download you need to create a link to take them to the download page.

  1. Click on 'Downloads' in the control panel
  2. Find the required download in the list of downloads
  3. Click on the title of the download and you will get taken through to the download page
  4. Copy the location of the download from the address bar in the browser.
  5. NOTE: Do not copy the whole address, only the part of the address after the .com.
  6. The next step is to add this as a link within the content of an article, a category or your homepages.
  7. To do this you need to create or edit existing content.
  8. Highlight the text or image in the body field
  9. Click on the 'insert link' icon in the body editor
  10. The 'Insert/edit link' window will open:
  11. Enter the location of the download into the 'Link URL' field.
  12. NOTE: To ensure the download opens after one click you need to add /download to the end of the 'Link IRL'
  13. Set the target to 'Open in new window (_blank)
  14. Click 'Insert' to add the link to the download
  15. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save
  16. You will be asked to either preview, publish now or discard
  17. When a visitor clicks on the link on the published page they can click on the download link to access the download:

10.3 Member Download Reports

If you want to see how often your downloads have been accessed by your members you can view this by generating a 'download report'.

Go to the control panel

Click on either 'site reports' or 'downloads'.

Click on the 'Member Download Report' link

In the download reports you need to select the dates you wish to view and click 'Get report'.

Here you can see how many times each download has been viewed by your site members.

10.4 Embed a PDF

For instructions to Embed a PDF, click here

The PDF reader allows the document to be scrolled, downloaded and printed.


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