Part Five - Events

5.0 Events

After creating an Events Block, you'll want to add dates to it - you can learn how to add an Events Block here.

These dates will be highlighted on the Events Block.

5.1 Adding/Deleting an Event

Before you list any dates, set your Timezone and choose whether your Calendar Format will be using the 12 or 24 hour clock. This is done in Display Options in your Site Settings.

To add an event to your Events Block, you need to go to the control panel. Under the heading Manage Your Content click on 'Events'. On this page, you can add or delete Calendar Events.

Click 'Add New Event'. You will get taken to the 'Editing Event' page.


5.1.1 Viewable By

Set who will view the event. You can choose from either everyone or only logged in members.

NOTE: If you choose 'members only', everyone will be able to see that something is happening on that date but only logged in members will be able to read the full description.

5.1.2 Event Title

Enter the title of the event – these will be viewable by everyone.

5.1.3 Teaser

Enter the teaser of the event – these will be viewable by everyone.

5.1.4 Body

Enter all of the event details in the description, such as how to book, directions and a detailed itinerary.

5.1.5 Event Start/End Date

Set the start date and time by clicking on the small calendar pages.

5.1.6 Event Location

Enter the location.

Click Save and you will be notified that your changes have been saved.

You now have three options, you can either:

  • Preview your event
  • Publish Now
  • Undo

Publish Now and you will be notified that your changes are complete. Your event listing will be present in your calendar. 

5.2 Viewing the Event

To view an Event, click to return to the home page where the date has now been highlighted on the calendar.

Click on the highlighted date, a teaser will then display beneath the calendar. Clicking on the teaser title, will take your member to a page with the full event details.

Example event 'teaser':


Example event 'description':

5.3 PDF Download

To download a PDF copy of this article please click the following link: Part Five - Events PDF.

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