Part Two - Site Design

2.0 Site Design

There are three design options available to you, one to suit every budget!

2.1 Free Design templates

You're site is set to a default template.

To view our collection of ready made templates, go to the Control Panel and click on Design in the left hand column. There are two options on this page, which are:

  • Title and Logo
  • Change Design

At the top of each section you will see a preview of your currently selected design template.

2.1.1 Title and Logo

In this section you can:

  • Edit the site title and tagline shown in the header of your site
  • Upload a logo to the header of your site

Site Title

  • To change the text that appears in the header of your site simply type over the existing text as shown below.
  • You will see the new title and tagline appear in the site header as you type.
  • Click Save.

Site Logo

To upload a logo, it needs to be saved to your computer.

  • It will need to be saved as either a .JPG, .GIF or .PNG file.
  • For best results you should save your logo as a transparent .GIF.
  • The default width and height of the header is: 1140px x 84px

Click on the Choose File button to find your saved logo.

A pop-up window will now open:

  • Select the logo image file from the pop-up window and make sure it is highlighted.
  • Click the Open button

The image location will then be visible in the 'Upload a new logo file' field.

Click Save.

Once you have clicked Save you should see either your site name or logo in your site header.

2.1.2 Select Design Template

Here you can choose from a selection of free template designs. You can change your site design template as many times as you want.

Click on the Preview button to see an example of the site design or click Select to apply the design.

We are continually adding new templates so please keep checking for updates.

2.2 Upload Your Own CSS

For those of you with advanced CSS skills, you can override the existing design by uploading your own stylesheet and images.

NOTE: It is important that you only use this section if you are familiar with using CSS. Please have a look at our article on writing your own CSS.

2.3 Professional Template Design

If you have chosen to have a custom design created to your specification you will not be given access to the free design templates. This is because once your unique design has been applied it should not be overridden with a template.

The site will look quite bare, but do not worry as your professional template will soon be applied.

To make sure your design is completed in a timely manner you will need to complete the design brief.

You will also need to set up your site navigation so the designer can cater to your specific layout.

For a description of the design process please refer to the website.

1.5 PDF Download

To download a PDF copy of this article please click the following link: Part Two - Site Design PDF.

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