Part Sixteen - Affiliate Tracking

16.0 Affiliate Tracking

16.1 Overview

One way to generate traffic to your site is to create affiliate members.

Affiliate members will have a unique link to your site on their own website, everytime a visitor clicks through from their site to yours the affiliate tracking will begin.

Your site will track the visitor for 30 days to see if they become a subscriber to your site.

You can choose to reward your affiliate members based on click throughs from their site or from the number of visitors who convert.

16.2 Create an affiliate member

The first thing you need to do when creating an affiliate is to create a new member.

  • Click on 'Members' on the control panel or using the top gray navigation bar.
  • Click 'Add member' or click to edit an existing member
  • Enter your member details in both the 'Personal' and 'Subscription' sections
  • Click the 'Affiliate' button

16.2.1 Affiliate Member Details

You will need to change the affiliate drop down to 'yes' and issue the member with their unique URL. So highlight the link, copy and then supply to your affiliate member.

The affiliate member will then need to paste the link onto their own site. You may also want to supply them with an image to assign the link to.

16.3 Tracking affiliates

To enable you to track the number of click throughs and conversions from your different affiliates you will need to visit the 'Affiliate Tracking' section on the control panel.

You are able to select the dates you wish to track and choose between generating a report for the number of click throughs or conversions.

It will then list the affiliate the visitor came from and the number of clicks in this period.

NOTE: You can save these reports to excel if you wish.

Dependant on the agreement you made with your affiliate members you will need to calculate how much they are owed based on number of click throughs or conversions.


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