Part Seventeen - Automated Emails

17.0 Automated Email

17.1 Overview

There are two types of email that you can set to be automatically sent out to your subscribers, these are:

  • Confirmation of subscription email
  • Expiry warning emails

These are accessed by going to the control panel and clicking on the 'Automated emails' link.

17.2 Subscription Confirmation Email

It is important that you configure your subscription confirmation email as it acts as a receipt for your subscribers.

1. You need to enter your own email address in the 'sender email address' field.

2. If you wish you can receive a copy of every subscription confirmation email that is sent out. This is quite useful when you first launch your site as you can track how well you are doing.

3. Enter your name and the subject for the confirmation email.

4. Enter a welcome message to your new subscribers. The information underneath will be updated for each member.

5. Update the cancellation policy field with your own cancellation procedure. There are minimum requirements you have to meet under UK and US law.

6. Enter your contact email address, telephone number and postal address, which again are legal requirements.

7. The final field is for your signature and sign off message.

Click save settings and your changes will have been saved.

17.3 Expiry Emails

There are three emails that can be sent out to subscribers who are going to expire, two to be sent in advance of expiry and one to be sent on the day of expiry.

When editing expiry warning emails one and two they are both set to be sent automatically, if you do not want these emails to be sent you will need to change the first option to 'no'.

The next field allows you to set when the emails will get sent in advance of the expiry date.

So for the first email you can set it to be sent 5 days before the expiry date.

Choose whether to receive a copy of the email.

Enter the email address the email should appear to be sent from, a sender name and email subject.

There are two fields for you to enter text into the email.

Click save settings

You also need to activate 'Expiration Warning #2' and the 'Expiration Notice'.

Again it is up to you when these emails get sent. As a suggestion set the second warning to be sent 2 days before expiration and the expiration notice to be sent '0' days before expiration.

Click save settings and these emails will automatically get sent at the correct intervals.


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