Part Seven - Subcategories

7.0 Subcategories

As you start to add content to your site, you may find that you need to create subcategories within a main category.

7.1 Create a Subcategory

Go to the 'Categories' section

Next to each category in the list, there will be a plus sign (+)


Find the category you wish to add subcategories too and click on the relevant plus sign.

A new page will open, fill in the fields following the same method as creating a main category.

Save and publish the subcategory as before. You will see it appear in the list of categories.

Click on the title of the main category that the subcategory is assigned to and you will see your list of subcategories appear.

Click the link to get taken through to the body of the subcategory.

7.2 Reorder Subcategories

To reorder your subcategories, use the 'position' arrows in the category listing.

Click the up and down arrows to reorder the subcategories.

Use the left and right arrows to indent the subcategories.


7.3 Deleting a Subcategory

To delete a category, go to 'Categories'

Find the category you wish to delete in the category listings.

Check the box next to the relevant category title and click Delete Selected.


You will be asked to confirm you want to delete the subcategory, if you are sure then click okay.

The category will then be deleted and removed from the main category it was assigned to.

NOTE: All subcategories must be deleted before the main category can be deleted.

7.4 PDF Download

To download a PDF copy of this article please click the following link: Part Seven - Subcategories PDF.

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