Launch Your Site (Go Live)

Once you have completed steps 1 - 9 you should now be in a position to launch your site. Please ensure you have fully tested payments and member subscriptions before 'Going Live'.

NOTE: Web Forwarding will not work and will cause issues with your site, one of the following methods must be used.

Changing Your Domain Name Settings

To do this, you now need to point your registered domain name to your development site. This is done through the company your domain name is registered with.

  • You need to login to your domain registrar control panel and access the DNS settings.
  • Within this area, you should have the ability to change the CNAME record.
  • Once you have found the CNAME record facility, you need to set your domain name to point to this is the url of the site we created for you.
  • Once you have done this please email telling us the live web address that you will be using for your site. Subject should be 'Go Live' so that we allow the incoming connection from your domain.

NOTE: These are the most common instructions for changing your domain name, please refer to the Domain Registrar Instructions below for more specific instructions for your domain supplier.

Domain Registrar Instructions

Go Daddy

If your domain is registered with Go Daddy click here to see our guide to changing the CNAME

1&1 Internet

If your domain is registered with 1&1 Internet you will need to:-

  • Login into your 1and1 account.
  • Click Packages at the top of the page.
  • Click 'Instant Domain Registation' next to the domain you want to change.
  • Under 'Basic Settings' click 'Domains'
  • Click the checkbox next to your domain and then click 'DNS' on the toolbar above.
  • Under 'Nameserver Settings' click edit
  • Finally change the A record to point to our IP address ''.

If your domain is registered with please take the following action

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click 'My Domain Names'
  • Click the domain name you wish to point to your SubHub site
  • Click 'DNS and Transfer Options' in the left navigation
  • Ensure you have an entry that has a 'Host Name' of www
  • The 'Type' should be CNAME
  • The 'Result' should read NB: Please ensure you replace your site with the name of your site.
  • Press 'Save'.

Other Domain Providers

If for any reason your provider does not allow you to use or create a CNAME record you can use an A Record going to the following IP address:

Have Changed My Domain Settings... Now What?

NOTE: If you have changed your DNS correctly you may see a Forbidden message when looking at your domain until we allow the incoming website on our servers.

Once you have made the above changes please allow upto 24hrs for the changes to come into effect and then ensure you email us with the live domain name and the name of your subhub site and request to go live. We can facilitate these requests from Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 GMT but we recommend that you do not launch your site on a Friday.

If you need any additional support with this part of the process, please contact the SubHub support team.

We do also strongly recommend a soft launch of your site, this is useful as you can get friends and family to sign up to your site, this way they can report any problems they find in usability, navigation, payment processing or display anomalies. This is just good practice and will reassure you that everything is working in the way it should.

Once your site is live on your domain name, please login to your site and click 'Settings', scroll down the page and select 'Yes' in the Allow Search Engines to scan the site section, finally click 'Save Settings.

Getting Help Going Live

At SubHub we know that sometimes setting up your domain name is not the easiest of processes. Different domain registrars have different protocols and they all use too much jargon which is confusing even to the most technical people. We can take away all the stress and hassle for you with our DNS Setup service. 

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