Apply a Custom Domain Name

SubHub doesn't provide custom domain names or email addresses.

To purchase a domain name, you'll need to open an account with a domain registrar such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions - or one of your choice.

Once you have chosen your new domain name, contact the support team and we'll assist in pointing your SubHub website to it.

To do this, we'll need temporary access to your domain registrar including your username and password.

Once your domain has been updated, it can take up to 24hrs for the changes to propagate throughout the web.

If you prefer, you can update the registar settings yourself.

You will need to modify the domain’s A-record to point to SubHub's IP address: (

Then set the canonical name (cname) of www and point it to:

Once you have done this, email the support desk and let us know, as we need to allow the incoming connection from your new domain.

1) A record




Name: www



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