iDevAffiliate Affiliate Tracking


SubHub has integrated iDevAffiliate affiliate tracking into our platform, enabling you to link together your SubHub website with an iDevAffiliate Hosted account.

You can now set up, track, manage and pay your website affiliates quickly and easily.

iDevAffiliate works with both the SubHub subscription process and the SubHub shopping cart.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an iDevAffiliate Hosted account.

To benefit from our special, discounted SubHub rate please visit the iDev Affiliate site and set up a Cloud account and then use this coupon code to discount the $50 set up free

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Linking Your iDevAffiliate Hosted Account to SubHub

Once your iDevAffiliate account has been set up, you will be emailed a link to your account.

This will look something like this:

You will need your iDevAffiliate ID to link your account with SubHub.

Your ID is the four-digit number shown after .com/ - e.g. in the example above the ID is 1243.

You will need to:

  • Login to your SubHub site as an administrator
  • Scroll to the bottom of the control panel
  • Click on the iDevAffiliate link
  • Enter your iDev Affiliate URL 
  • Click the ‘Save ID’ button
  • You will then be notified that your ID has been saved
  • You will also see a login button appear

Great! Your iDevAffiliate Hosted account has now been linked to your SubHub site.

Accessing Your iDevAffiliate Hosted Account

To make things easy for you, once you have saved your iDevAffiliate ID in your control panel, you will be able to click the ‘Login’ button to get taken through to the login page of your iDevAffiliate Hosted account.

How Has iDevAffiliate Been Integrated?

All of your affiliate management is carried out within your iDevAffiliate Hosted account. There you can manage your affiliate links, approve affiliates and manage, track and pay commissions.

The integration with SubHub means that if a visitor comes to your SubHub site from one of your affiliate links, they will be tracked on your site. If they subscribe to your site or make a store purchase, this will be logged in your iDevAffiliate Hosted account, where you can view and manage your pending commissions, recurring commissions or cancellations.

iDevAffiliate Support

We are unable to offer support for iDevAffiliate, as it is not a SubHub product. If you have any technical or general support queries, please contact iDevAffiliate directly at

Click - See Pricing Options. Select the Cloud Edition and use the promo code 'subhub' to get $50 off the installation costs.


If you already have an iDevAffiliate account, it will need to be the hosted version.

NOTE: iDevAffiliate affiliate tracking is not compatible with sites using WorldPay or Patrasys.

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