Create Subscription Plans

If you are planning on creating a membership based website then you will need to setup at least one subscription plan to enable visitors to become members of your website.

If your website is not going to involve membership then please skip to Step 9 - Check that your site is legally compliant

Subscription Plans

11.0 Subscription Plans

To enable the subscription part of your website you must create at least one subscription plan to allow your members to sign up.

11.1 Creating a subscription plan

To create a subscription plan you need to go to the control panel

Click on 'Subscription Plans'

Click on the 'create new subscription plan' button.

The ‘Create a subscription plan’ window will now open.

Subscription Plan Title

Give your payment plan a title, the title you enter here will be displayed to your visitors when they go through the sign up process.

Payment Frequency

The payment frequency fields allow you to set the duration of subscription.

You can choose from monthly, quarterly and annually. You can also choose to multiply these if you wish.

Recurring Payment?

If you set your subscription plan to be recurring this means payment will be taken at regular intervals as set in the payment frequency field above.

If you set a subscription plan to not recur this means at the end of the payment frequency the subscriber will be sent the expiry warning emails as set in the 'auto email' section.

Promotional Code

By assigning a promotional code to a subscription plan this means that the plan will only be visible to the subscribers who enter the code at the beginning of the sign up process.

Promotional codes are generally used in conjunction with a discounted offer. They can also be useful for tracking where your subscribers are being referred from.

Available to . . .

Typically you would set the availability of a subscription plan to be available to 'Everyone'.

This allows all new subscribers to sign up using this subscription plan.

Other options are new members and existing members.

If you set the availability to 'New Members' this means existing members will not be able to renew on this plan.

And if you set the plan to existing members only renewing members will be able to access the payment plan.

Days free

If you wish to offer a certain number of days free, enter the number of days here.

Please note that subscribers will still be asked to enter their card details in the subscription process but the funds will not be taken until the end of the number of free days stated here. Please note that currently free days can only be used for Paypal. The maximum free days for Paypal is 28.


Enter in these fields here the amount you wish to charge your subscribers. If you are able to select multiple currencies you will need to calculate the exchange rate yourself and enter each amount in the relevant field.

Currencies are set in the 'payment processor' section within your site settings.

Member group plans

If you have set up different member groups as shown in the member management sections you will see the different member groups listed here at the bottom of all subscription plans.

To enable subscribers to join a specific member group check the relevant box here.

This means if a subscriber joins a subscription plan assigned to a certain member group they will only have access to the articles also assigned to the same member group.

11.2 Free Plans vs Paid Plans

If you want to create a free plan you will just need to add 0.00 into the 'Amount' field.

If you will also be offering paid plans the free plan should be set to monthly recurring. The reason for this is as follows. If you have a free annual plan and also offer a paid monthly plan then the following scenario would take place. If a user joins the free annual plan and then immediately upgrades to a paid monthly plan then the subscriber will have an expiry date thirteen months in the future, this is because existing credit will be applied to the new plan, in this case this would be twelve months.

11.3 Saving your subscription plan.

Once you are happy with all your changes, click save. You will be notified that your changes have been saved and the subscription plan will now be listed.

When a visitor goes through the sign up process, all of your subscription plans will be displayed to them like this:

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