RSS Feeds

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication', this is used as a web feed for people to be able to see updates and the latest information on your site. Your SubHub site comes with some feeds already built in.

Site wide articles

The site wide feed will display your article title and the teaser text you added when creating the article.

Forum Posts

Forum Topics

Advanced RSS or custom feeds

It is possible also to get feeds from specific categories although this is a little more technical, if you go to any category and then put ?catid at the end of the address in the address bar, then press return you will be presented with a number in double quotes "" with this number you can access the RSS feed for this particular category.

Let's take an example:

Let's say you have a category called 'Latest Updates'.

  • Firstly go to that category, we will assume for explanation purposes that the url for the page is
  • At the end of the url add ?catid so that the url looks like this then press return.
  • You will be presented with a number in double quotes "", make a note of this number, for this example we will assume that the number is 21
  • Now you have all you need to create a link to the feed for the category, the link or url will look like the following:-

So how did we arrive at this link, well what we need to do is use and then just add the category id to the end of it and wow, there you are, you have a category RSS feed. You can now use this link and add it to your category page so others can be kept informed about your latest articles in that category.

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