Step 5 - Setup Homepages

Before you go live with your website you should personalize the content of your websites homepages and replacing the default SubHub content with something more suitable for your website.

8.0 Homepages

There are three types of homepage that can be used on your site:

  • 1. Public homepage is viewable by every visitor who comes to your site.
  • 2. Members homepage is only viewable once a subscriber has logged into the site.
  • 3. Customized homepage can be tailored to individual members, member groups or a specified sub domain.

8.1 Public Homepage

Whenever you enter the URL of your site into your address bar browser you will see the public homepage.

  • To edit the public homepage you need to login to your site as an administrator.
  • Go to the control panel and in the 'Manage Content' section you will see 'Public Homepage'.
  • Click to view the public homepage
  • To edit the page click on the 'Edit' button in the top right hand corner.
  • Once you have added your content to the body field, click save.
  • You will be asked if you want to preview, publish now or discard.
  • Click publish now and get taken back to view the public homepage
  • You will be notified that your changes are complete.

NOTE: Although you can view the public homepage you won’t be able to see the login block as this is hidden whenever you are logged in to your site.

To see the public homepage exactly how it appears to a visitor you need to logout of your site using the logout link in the footer of the site.

8.2 Members Homepage

When a member logs into your site you they will always get taken to the members homepage.

To edit the members homepage you need to go to the control panel and click on 'Members Homepage', click on the 'Edit' button in the top right hand corner.

You will get taken into edit the content. You can replace the exiting title and content with your own copy.

Once you have added your content to the body field, click save.

You will be asked if you want to preview, publish now or discard.

Click publish to get taken back to view the members homepage and are notified that your changes are complete.

8.3 Customized Homepages

Customized Homepages will replace the public or members homepage with different body text and title.

There are three methods for replacing the homepage content, these are:

  • Replace members homepage content for individual logged in members
  • Replace members homepage content for logged in member groups
  • Replace public homepage content for visitors typing in a specific sub-domain

Create a Customized Homepage

This option is found under the 'Create a Community' section of the control panel.

Click on 'Customized Homepages' to create a custom homepage.

Click 'add a customized homepage'.

8.3.1 Where to display custom content (Usage)

Once you have added the title and body content you need to choose when this content will be displayed, the two options are:

  • 1) Insert above homepage – this means the new content will simply be placed above the existing homepage content.
  • 2) Replace homepage content (RECOMMENDED) – this means the existing homepage content will be replaced with the new content.

8.3.2 Who to Display Custom Content to (Type)

The next step is to decide who the custom content will be displayed to, the three options are:

  • 1) Display to individual member
  • 2) Display to a certain member group
  • 3) Display to visitors to a certain sub-domain (eg,

8.3.3 Display to Individual Member

Select 'By Member' from the 'Type' drop down menu.

A line of text will appear as highlighted below.

Click 'Save' and the page will be created.

You then need to go to the 'Member Manager' to assign a member to the custom homepage

8.3.4 Display to Member Group

NOTE: You must have already created your member groups otherwise you will receive the following message: No groups created yet

Once you have created your member groups you need to return to the 'Customized Homepages' section and edit your homepage.

Select 'By Member Group' from the 'Type' drop down menu

Your member groups will now appear in a drop down list

Select the member group you want this custom homepage to be displayed to Click 'Save' and you can 'Preview', 'Publish now' or 'Discard'.

Once you have published the page will appear in the list of custom homepages

When anyone who has subscribed to the relevant member group logs in they will see this custom homepage.

8.3.5 Display to Visitors to a Sub-domain

NOTE: You must be using a live domain name to use this option

You can set up a sub-domain for your site, which can have different homepage content.

For example, if you had the domain you could set up a sub-domain for a blog, which could be

By creating new homepage content by domain, whenever someone went to they could read relevant homepage content.

To do this you must firstly create your sub-domain, by logging into your domain registrar.

Once you have created your sub-domain you need to create a new custom homepage.

Select 'By Domain' for the type of customization you wish to create

Enter the first part of your sub-domain in the field provided

Click 'Save'

Now you need to notify SubHub Support that you have setup your sub-domain, so please create a support ticket with the details of your SubHub website and the new sub-domain and we can set it live for you.

NOTE: You must have created a sub domain in your domain account before you can do this. For example if your domain name is you would need to login to the place you bought this domain name from and DNS control and MX records.

8.4 PDF Download

To download a PDF copy of this article please click the following link: Part Eight - Homepages PDF.

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