Affiliates Module

When it comes to Affiliate tracking, SubHub offer two different options.

SubHub Tracking

Affiliates are used to reward current members of your site who refer new members.

To set this up you will need to know which of your members would like to become an affiliate, then you need to access their member account and click onto the affiliate tab.

From here you will need to select 'Yes' in the drop down list and then provide the member with the link displayed on the page. The member should then provide this link to friends and contacts.

If an existing member does refer people to the site you will be able to see this through the affiliate reports which you can access by logging into the site and then adding /report/affiliate/ to the end of the url to read

From here you will be able to track which members have sent through clicks and conversions (actual sign-ups) to the site.

Your affiliates can also view their own clicks and conversions for the month by logging into your site and then adding /reports/affiliates/ to the end of the url.

iDevAffiliate Tracking

SubHub has integrated iDevAffiliate affiliate tracking into our platform, enabling you to link together your SubHub website with an iDevAffiliate Hosted account.

You can now set up, track, manage and pay your website affiliates quickly and easily.

iDevAffiliate works with both the SubHub subscription process and the SubHub shopping cart.

To find out more information about iDevAffiliate please have a look at our knowledgebase article on iDevAffiliate


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