Understand My Webstats

Webstats can be found under your control panel, just click the button called 'Web Statistics' to view them.

Please see below for a definition of the main stats recorded.

  • Hits - Every time any file is requested from your server that counts as a hit. A single page call can record many hits as every item on the page will be registered.
  • Pages - This number represents the total number of pages that were called no matter how many items they each contain. This is a TRUE picture of how many individual pages were viewed by your visitors.
  • Unique Visitors - Another important number. "Unique Visitors" is the number of different individuals that visited your web site. This number can be divided into the "Page Views" to give you an average number of pages that each visitor viewed. (eg: 1000 Page Views and 100 Unique Visitors means that you had 100 people visit your site and they viewed an average of 10 pages a piece).
  • Page Views - an average number of pages that each visitor viewed.

More Information

To find out more about your web stats please have a look at our section in the Training Manual on Web Stats

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