How to capture your screen content

Often when you have reported issues to the SubHub support team, we ask you to provide us with a screen shot so we can see what the issue is through your 'eyes'.   You will also find screen captures are useful for your own website, so you can grab imagery or other graphics and upload these to your site. 

 These are some of our favourites, please let us know what you are using, and share with the SubHub community. 

Image Capture

Windows Print Screen

Link to Windows Support site 


All Windows users can capture whatever appears on their screen simply by using your keyboard functions.

Take a look at your keyboard for a key labelled either PrtScn or PRTSC and press this once. 


If you have a number of windows open at the same time, either close the others, or use the following shortcut to capture only the active window.



You will then need to open a document such as a .doc file or email.

To paste the image simple use CTRL + V




 - Download software 

 - Open programme each time you need to use it. 

 - Option to edit existing image files, to crop etc







- Free to download

- Captures images and video

- Image editing possible

- Upload files to social media and blogs





Video Capture 


Video capture software is useful if you would like to show tutorials or presentations on your site.




- Web based, so no need to download any software

- Free to use

- iPhone / iPad friendly





- Free to download

- Captures images and video

- Easy to share links

- Upload files to social media and blogs

- Limited to 5 min captures



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