Using Tables

Creating tables within your content will allow you to have greater control over the layout of the content. 

A great example of table usage can be seen here -

The site owner lists his monthly publication within a table, so the viewer can easily read the sections included. 

This is how it appears when published - 



This is how it will appear in the editor - 



Here is a simple step by step guide to help you recreate this type of table - 


1. Click on the Edit/Insert Table function in the Body Editor

2. Enter 2 columns and 20 rows (You can add columns and rows when needed)



3.  Click Insert and the table will appear as below - 


4. Once you enter text into a cell the table will expand to fit the content.


You can also merge cells or rows to add some flexibility to your table.

Merge Cells - 

Click and highlight the cells / rows you would like to merge, and then right click to access a mini menu. 


3. Continue to enter copy and if you need to add extra space to the cells, use SHIFT + ENTER



4. The table will appear as below - 



If you have any questions or need further assistance with creating tables, please contact

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