Set Up Promo Codes

Promo codes are a great way to entice new and existing members to sign up to your site, and this guide will help you with this. 

It's important to know that promo code plans are in addition to your existing plans. 




For this example I am going to offer 5 free days to the promo plan and here are the steps to follow- 

1) Go to Subscription Plans in your control panel

2) Click on 'Create a new subscription plan' 

3) Create a name for the plan -  eg '5 Days Free Access - Promo'

4) Scroll down and select 'Non Recurring Payment


5) Enter a promo code for your visitors to use  - eg 5daysfree


6) Available to - You choose to offer this to new, existing or all users. 


7) Days free - I will enter 5 here, but this is dependant on your criteria


8) Amount - As it's a free plan, please leave this blank


9)  Then ensure it's 'Active' then click SAVE

The promo code plan is now ready to use, and the code can sent out to your intended audience. 

PROMO CODE - 5daysfree


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