Change the page shortname (URL)

A shortname is the numerical value which is created when you save a category or article and forms part of the url of the page.

For example a typical url created within the SubHub system will look something like this  /articles/20090206 however this automated value is not always the best one to use for search engine optimization. Once you have created and saved an article or category, you then have the ability to change the shortname.




To change this, simply edit an existing category or article, here you will see a link called 'Change Shortname', click onto this link.

Now you will need to add a new shortname and then click save.

NOTE - You can only use url compatible characters such as letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.

A typical example could be something like the following:- sales_information OR read-about-my-site please do not use any other characters such as apostrophes, commas or full stops (periods) as this will cause an error.

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