Premium Membership Question

HI, I am still in the planning stages and have a Premium Membership question.

Once I get the Premium Membership, can I only set up one membership area or can I set up three members area at different prices so people can buy which degree of membership they want?

Added: When I set up my domain name it told me I would need a (Google Apps account required) . Where do I find that. I don't see it in the app store.

Thank you

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    Hi Kimberley,

    Thanks for your enquiry. You can set up a number of membership plans, and grant different access for each level. 

    So it is possible to have for example, Gold membership for full access. And then have a Bronze membership level, and prevent them from viewing a category by changing the settings.

    I can see that you have successfully set up your custom domain. The 'Google Apps account is recommended' message you can will allow you to use your Gmail for your emails. It is not necessary to use a custom domain, but the settings are there if you do change your mind.



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