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  • Louise

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for posting this, I think this is a great request and hopefully will help other site owners who are are thinking about uploading their own design.

    As you mention, we do have a number of guides to help you with the CSS editing. And these can be found within the support forum -


    If you are looking for further assistance with this, perhaps you could contact other site owners who have also been able to edit and upload their own designs using the custom CSS file. Please contact me for details of these site owners.


    Alterntively, If you do need extra assistance, it is possible to employ the services of our in house designer who could guide you through any difficulties.

    Best regards,


  • Danielle Travers

    Thanks very much for the idea, Louise. I shall certainly look into that. I think I'm okay in terms of asking another designer. I just wanted a little more guidance as to what worked for people. Thanks again.

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