Small Design Changes Done Swiftly

Sometimes a small design tweak is all that’s necessary to update a stale look. But with a limited budget, making even simple changes can be costly. And even finding someone to accept those little assignments can be a challenge. That’s why Swiftly might just supply the solution.

Swiftly acts as an online studio with nearly 300,000 hand-selected design professionals available to take on small assignments at a moment’s notice.  

For a flat fee of $19, you get 30 minutes worth of a professional designer’s time and expertise.

The assignment must start with an already existing design file that you wish to be altered, cropped, retouched, vectored or edited in some way. It could be a logo, photo, banner or maybe a business card.

You begin by posting your task. Within minutes, Swiftly matches a designer to your needs and your assignment is completed in less than an hour. You get to review and approve the work and request changes if your brief wasn’t satisfied.

You can also browse through the over 2000 free, creative templates Swiftly has in their library. From banners to birthday invites, there’s sure to be one right for your style.

So for small design fixes done quickly and affordably, Swiftly might be the answer to your needs.


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