Say it All in a Page with Populr

Sharing information has never been easier and yet getting noticed seems to be more and more difficult. Populr, a micro-publishing tool, gives you the ability to stand out in the crowd. Its simple-to-use platform provides users with the ability to design a single, media-rich web page that’s ready to share.

Using Populr’s drag-and-drop editor, themed templates and customisation capability, means you can create a professional quality one pager in less than 15 minutes. Whether it be a newsletter, event invitation, sales pitch or promotional mailer, Populr provides an effective, engaging and visually appealing presentation. All forms of content can be included - from text, photos, video and PDF.

It integrates across all platforms, can be shared via social media or embedded in an e-mail. 

The Pro package ($20/mo) delivers page tracers, notifications and analytics integration. Or you can just create unlimited “POPs” for free.

For an impactful way to share, communicate and connect to your audience, turn to Populr. And say it all in a page.

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