PayPal API - Updated

We have now released an update to our PayPal integration to improve the way subscriptions are managed. 

Previously if a member had cancelled their subscription via their PayPal account, it was necessary to manually cancel their membership in the SubHub control panel. 

The upgraded integration will now enable PayPal to send this information to your SubHub site, and cancel their membership without you having to manually do anything. 

If you are using the most recent versions of SubHub, you will notice the additional fields showing within the PayPal Payment Processor page. 


1. You will need to log into your PayPal business account. Click the Profile icon and select Profile and Settings from the drop down menu.


2. Select My selling preferences in the left hand block. On the next screen, click Update next to API Access. Then View API Signature.



3. Reveal the API Username, Password and Signature by clicking Show.

4. Then paste the fields into your SubHub Control Panel shown above. 

5. Click Save in your SubHub site, and you are all set up for auto cancellations.

6. Next add your PDT token with these instructions.


If you have been with SubHub for more than 6 months and cannot see the new PayPal API fields in your control panel, please contact the support team to help you get this new improvement.






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