Animate Your Message

Finding new ways to introduce your website to potential users or engage with your existing audience is an ongoing challenge.

Delivering your message with an animated video is one possibility worth exploring. A simple animated short allows you to present a brief overview of your website in a friendly yet informative manner - while giving your viewer a feel good experience.

Creating such a presentation no longer requires specialised expertise. There are now many web-based tools providing the ability for online DIYers to produce professional looking videos.

Most offer free basic packages - scaling up to premium services. Friendly user interfaces which are easy to decipher, along with drag and drop functionality, make creating your video a snap.

PowToon’s step-by-step online tutorials, guide you through the simple process of building a video. There are various templates, styles and effects to choose from along with a built-in voice editor.

Wideo’s library of assets is grouped into visually cohesive styles. And its downloadable storyboard helps you to plot the progression of your animation.

GoAnimate provides all the tools you need to direct your own production with props, sets, sound effects and a complete cast of characters.

Once your video is completed, post, share or embed it on your site.

So next time, tell your story with action.


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