Breath New Life into Static Stats

Presenting facts and figures can be pretty humdrum. But with the plethora of online infographic tools available, you can easily transform those staid statistics into eye-catching charts, graphs and maps. Not only is the data more easily comprehendible but you’ll give your webpage an added visual punch.

Most of these web-based tools offer free basic versions with upgrades to Pro packages for those who want to take their designs to the next level. Templates and themes are easily edited and customised through drag and drop. Or you can start from scratch and build your design with the tools and library of options made available. Here are a few such sites which allow anyone to create and share a professional looking graphic. has over 30 interactive chart types to choose from. They can be embedded in your website or shared via social media.

Piktochart offers a wide selection of free templates which change weekly. Its editor allows you to modify colors and fonts and upload and resize images.

Completely free offers thousands of templates and customisable design objects which you can position with a click.

Communicating data with an infographic can add considerably to your article's narrative and offer another means of engagement with your reader.

So breath some new life into those static stats.

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