Coupon Codes

Creating Coupon Codes

Coupon codes can be created for both store and subscription discounts.

In your Control Panel, under the heading ‘Membership’ click on the link ‘Coupon Codes’.

Fill in the necessary fields and save your coupon.

The ‘Code’ can now be used to promote membership sign-ups or grant store discounts.


Note: “Duration” options vary according to your payment processor:

Stripe offers three options: Once, Multi Month and Forever.

Paypal and only support the option: Forever.

You cannot offer a coupon code with the discount value of 100%.


Store Coupon Codes

The coupon field appears on the ‘Cart Summary’ page at checkout. After the code is added, the cart will update and the discount will be visible.

In the store, the coupon will apply to the total cart purchase. It cannot be applied to an individual item in a cart of multiple purchases.

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